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Portable HEPA Air Purifier

Introducing ZeroxPro, a multifunctional personal air purifier that will clean, analyse and improve the quality of your air.

With a carefully crafted aluminium body and true HEPA technology, it will quietly remove all sort of hazardous particles like:
bacteria, allergens, mold, smog, dust, smoke, smoke, pet hair or pet dander.

Charge your devices while on the go, fill your room with pleasant  fragrances and relax, wherever you go breathe safe with ZeroxPro.
1. Connect your device to a USB port
2. Wave your hand over the product to switch ON
3. Wave your hand for a second time to switch to strong mode
4. Wave your hand for a third time to switch OFF

ZeroxPro Air Purifier
HEPA filter 
Ultra durable power cable
Simple step-by-step user instructions
12 months warranty


3-Stage HEPA Filter
Enjoy better filtration, have a cleaner air and don’t worry about odors.

Negative Ion Technology
Negative Ions will help you clean your air by neutralising dust, allergens, pet dander and smoke so you can breathe easier.

Real time data display
Be aware of the air quality around you and your loved ones with its PM2.5 sensor and its air quality led indicator.

USB Output
Never get caught short with your device’s battery again thanks to its 5V 1amp you can safely charge devices like smartphones,
smartwatches, fitness bands, headphones, speakers, action cameras and even small drones.

Aromatherapy Function
Heal your body and mind by creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere with the innovative DIY aromatherapy function
that will let you lift the mood, relieve the stress or simply mask stubborn smoke and pet odours.

Gesture Switch Control
Our infrared induction motion sensor gives you full control on your ZeroxPro so you can use it while driving
without taking your eyes off the road.

Incredibly Quiet
It’s beautifully compacted design is so quiet that you can not only sleep next to it, you might even have to check to make sure it is switched on.