What does an air purifier do?

An air purifier or air cleaner is a device which removes contaminants from the air in a room to improve indoor air quality. Air purifiers use a system of internal fans to pull the air in your home through a series of filters that remove harmful airborne particles like dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses. The air purifier then circulate the purified air back into the room.

Zeroxpro usb output

USB Output

ZeroxPro will not only clean your air, but will also help you increase your productivity.

It’s exclusive charging function will let you connect your devices enabling you to extend the life of your compatible electronics, all while continuously cleaning your air.

Make sure you never get caught short with your device’s battery again. Thanks to its 5V 1amp you can safely charge devices like smartphones, smartwatches, fitness bands, headphones, speakers, action cameras and even small drones.

Incredibly Quiet

A perfect bedroom companion for you, your baby or your pet.

ZeroxPro's carefully crafted design keeps noise levels as low as 30dB, whisper-quiet, which means that even when it's working its hardest, you just might forget it's there.

It’s beautifully compacted design is so quiet that you can not only sleep next to it, you might even have to check to make sure it is switched on.

Hepa filter

Negative Ion Technology

Our negative ion generator will produce negatively charged particles at a pace of 3 million pcs/cm3. They will bind to airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen and smoke and neutralise them.

Improved Filtration With Hepa Filter

Enjoy better filtration, our 3-stage filtration process contains millions of ultra-thin fibres with each stage trapping progressively smaller harmful particles as they pass through the pleats.

Primary filter - Removes 100% of hairs, fibres and animal dander, reducing the possibility of allergies and other respiratory problems.

HEPA filter - Traps 99. 97% of fine particles as small as 0. 3 microns and large pollutants such as pollen,dust, gases, smoke and any other undesirable smells.

AC Filter - Absorbs and decompose all organic pollution like viruses, bacteria and any other pathogens.

Hepa filter layers and graph about air quality

Gesture Switch Control

We want you to be safe, our infrared induction motion sensor gives you full control on your ZeroxPro, the easy-to-use control interface allows intuitive gesture controls for your purifier. Simply swipe forward/backward to switch On/Off.

Use it while driving without taking your eyes off the road, take care of yourself and the ones around you with ZeroxPro.

Aromatherapy mat

Aromatherapy Function

Heal your body and mind with the innovative DIY aromatherapy function.

ZeroxPro will create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere, using individual fragrances for each room.

Go beyond improving your air quality and fill your room with a fragrance that can lift the mood or relieve the stress. Perfect for masking stubborn smoke and pet odours. Get a peaceful night of sleep surrounded by clean and fresh air.


Pure air 0-50 PM2.5
Air quality: Great, no risk for any group


Good 50-100 PM2.5
Air quality: Satisfactory, little risk for sensitive groups


Moderate 100-250 PM2.5
Air quality: Acceptable, great risk for sensitive groups


Poor >250 PM2.5
Air quality: Unhealthy, great risk for all groups

ZeroxPro different display colour

ZeroxPro Air Purifier

With the newest HEPA filter and negative ion technology, ZeroxPro eliminates 99.97% of bacteria, viruses, mould or allergens and cleans surrounding air from every angle of your car, office or home. 

A new way of breathing with ZeroxPro.