1. I want to change my order, how can it be done? 

  •  We can change orders before they have been shipped, please contact us at support@zeroxpro.com as soon as possible       

    2. I have received an incomplete order, what should I do?  

  •  We take this situations really seriously, please email our support team at support@zeroxpro.com and we will answer to your query within 24 hours.        

    3. Can a loyal customer get a discount?  

  • Of course! Just subscribe to our newsletter on our homepage, we are constantly sending new offers and discounts to our loyal customers         

    4. How can I cancel my order? 

  •  Any order can be cancelled before it has been shipped, if the order has been already shipped please go to our returns policy in here.       

    5. If 2 orders are shipped separately, will there be double shipping charge? 

  •  There will be a double charge, just make sure you add everything you want to your cart before proceeding with your payment so you won't pay for double shipping. 



    1. Why do I need a portable air purifier?

  • Air purifiers are especially important in houses and cars. Sometimes, there's a higher levels of pollution at home or our car than in the street, this can be really harmful for our health in a long term. Air purifiers will quickly and quietly remove odours, pollen, virus, smoke, dust, pet dander, hazardous PM2.5 and almost all other pollutants present in the air.       

    2. Where should I use it? 

  • ZeroxPro air purifier will work in any space smaller than 15 m3 , best in central locations. It's perfect to use it for any room of your house, car or office.        

    3. How often should I use it? 

  •  We recommend that you use your purifier 24 hours a day. Although an air purifier may clean a room up to 95% in only an hour, it can only keep the room clean while it's running. If you can't keep your purifier on 24 hours a day, you can start running it once you enter the room. Small rooms will not take more than 1 hour to reach safe levels of pm2.5.        

    4. Where should I place it? 

  •  When possible, ZeroxPro should be placed on a shelf, stand or table to help maximise air intake. We highly recommend placing it close to your bedside table during night.        

    5. At what speed should ZeroxPro run on? 

  •  The speed you use should correspond to the room size and levels of pm2.5 you have placed the unit in. Remember to check your LED air quality indicator to adjust the speed accordingly.         

    6. How do I switch it on/off? 

  • Simply swipe your hand forwards/backwards over the LCD screen.       

    7. What is the room coverage of my ZeroxPro?  

  •  It's 15m3, that doesn't mean that it won't work for bigger rooms, it will simply take longer to improve the air quality of the room. 



    1. Why do I need to replace my filter?  

  •  As air purifiers are used, they pick up contaminants from the air. The result is that they gradually become loaded with these contaminants, making it harder to filter effectively. Dirty filters can reduce a supply of clean air, the dirtier your filter gets the less space your air purifier is going to be able to cover.        

    2. When should I replace my filter? 

  • We recommend to do it every 4 to 6 months depending on the usage.        

    3. Where do I order more replacement filters? 

  • Right here! We are always creating new offers to keep your air purifier working at its maximum.        

    4. How do I dispose my filter?  

  • Unfortunately our filters are not recyclable. Please dispose them as normal garbage in accordance with your local garbage processing procedures.