To bring clean air to every corner of the world…

I’m not going to lie, it seems implausible. Despite decades of progress, is estimated 2.57 million tones of CO2 that are produced every second in the planet by planes, cars and fossil fuels burning among others. We can write a really long list with all the pollutants present in the air today nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, methane soot, smoke, mould etc.

It’s difficult to ignore the governments negligence by letting their citizens breathe polluted air without taking any significant measures to tackle the problem.

We are not helpless...

Fortunately we can do our bit to protect ourself and the ones around us by using air purifiers, increasing ventilation, testing for radon gas, running kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans, and avoiding smoking.

Our research team is proud to have created a product that will bring clean air with you to anywhere you go, helping you live longer, healthier and better.

We want to be the ones on the right side this time...

Our mission is not only to clean the air you breathe, our mission is to help people understand that even when the enemy is big, we all can make people lives better.

We want to be the ones that help you live at your fullest and healthiest, to enjoy time with your loved ones without worrying about their health.

ZeroxPro was created with a goal of using technology to improve lives around the world.

We sincerely hope it improves yours too.

A new way of breathing, with ZeroxPro.